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Why Do You Follow People on Social Media?

Why do people follow you on social media? Have you ever asked yourself that?

Not because you're a superstar, but because your content and thoughts add value to others. Words and videos that share kindness are sometimes all that someone who struggles is needed. The world is changing, and so are opinion leaders.

People will follow you on social media for many reasons:

  • They know you or you are closely related.

  • Your posts/articles/audios/videos bring value.

  • Your posts/articles/audios/videos are entertaining.

  • Your posts/articles/audios/videos help them during a job search or other transition moments.

  • You teach valuable techniques for free.

  • You spread positivism.

  • You encourage people.

  • You empathize with the audience.

  • You don’t lie to get attention.

  • Your response time is good.

  • You like interacting with your audience.

  • You care about your followers/connections/subscribers.

  • You share posts/articles/audios/videos of others.

  • You share job opportunities.

  • You’re popular in different industries.

  • You share common preferences/industry/hobbies like the audience.

  • Some will follow for the sake of you following them back.

  • You will be confused with someone else.

  • The follower’s account has been hacked.

Why do you follow others on social media?

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