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Xander (Eric) Upham
Learning & Development Leader

"Delia is one of the best coaches on LinkedIn. If you are looking for someone that is kind, hard-working, and knowledgeable to guide you in your career or on LinkedIn, you won’t find anyone better.​" (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

Chris Holland
CTO | VP of Engineering

''Delia’s strategic action plan to improve my LinkedIn profile was very instrumental in getting discovered by a retained executive recruiter for my current leadership position, with an unparalleled alignment with my skills and aspirations. I highly recommend Delia as a most effective and impactful partner in career success.' (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

Gabriela Zanc
Aviation Professional

"Delia is a wonderful person and a great career coach. She helped me with great insights and directions on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile and presence. (...) I highly recommend Delia for those of you who are interested in creating a “fresh” personal pitch that would be a great start point for the desired job." (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

"I have worked with Delia, and her insights allowed me to create a more competitive professional image in my CV. It's much more relaxing to know that a professional has adapted your CV and has provided you with tips on improving it further and that CV will do its job." (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

David Earley
Salesforce Administrator

''Delia's career coaching is very professional and provided valuable information necessary for job candidates such as myself. After revising my resume and LinkedIn profile per her suggestions, I started getting noticed and was able to impress potential employers. A few days after our first coaching session I interviewed with a company which eventually led to a job offer. Finally, I can modify my profile to show that I am no longer open to work!'' (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

Wladimir Maldonado
Manufacturing Manager

''I want to thank Delia Caluser for her excellent help with resume tips, LinkedIn optimization, and job search. She gave me comprehensive and detailed advice on making my resume stand out and optimizing my LinkedIn profile to make it attractive to employers. She is truly knowledgeable, and her advice is invaluable.'' (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

Brent Lemberg
Servant & Strategic Leader

"Delia was great to work with as I began my career pivot. Delia helped me be self-reflective through the questions she asked, which helped me refine my personal pitch. (...) I really appreciated that Delia was readily available outside of our scheduled meetings for questions" (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

Referral Program

Get daily promotion of your profile on LinkedIn in the comments section of all posts by Delia Caluser.


Delia Caluser’s LinkedIn posts received more than 43 million views in 2023. Imagine this number of views on your LinkedIn profile!

Gain instant access to our network of international recruiters while we post your resume/CV on dedicated professional platforms.

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