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Support for Job Seekers

Our Services

Are you an underappreciated professional eager to SWITCH to a DREAM JOB?

We can help you go from OVERLOOKED to HIRED in 3 months or less.

Get access to weekly consulting and 1-on-1 coaching sessions with founder Delia Caluser.

We share the most effective current global job search strategies and tactics, including those that have emerged from the impact of social media on modern hiring trends. We have first-hand experience in recruitment and selection and know what companies are looking for in the pandemic or post-pandemic era.

We help career changers and job seekers design and execute a successful job search campaign, and provide them with the resources they need to land their next job in 3 months or less.

Here is what clients say about our services

  • "Delia is one of the best coaches on LinkedIn. If you are looking for someone that is kind, hard-working, and knowledgeable to guide you in your career or on LinkedIn, you won’t find anyone better.​" - Gary T. (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

  • "Delia is amazing! She is prompt, knowledgeable, and very encouraging and positive. (...) I used her resume services and landed an entry-level job! I would recommend her to my family, friends, or anyone!" - Talesha C. (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

  • "Delia is a wonderful person and a great career coach. She helped me with great insights and directions on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile and presence. (...) I highly recommend Delia for those of you who are interested in creating a “fresh” personal pitch that would be a great start point for the desired job." - Gabriela Z. (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

  • "Delia was great to work with as I began my career pivot. Delia helped me be self-reflective through the questions she asked, which helped me refine my personal pitch. (...) I really appreciated that Delia was readily available outside of our scheduled meetings for questions" - Brent L. (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)

  • "I have worked with Delia, and her insights allowed me to create a more competitive professional image in my CV. It's much more relaxing to know that a professional has adapted your CV and has provided you with tips on improving it further and that CV will do its job." - Andrei T. (read the full recommendation on LinkedIn)​​

Coaching Offers for Job Search and Career Change
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