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Don’t Stop Networking Through the Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged us worldwide to change the way we live, work and think. Many of us have lost something dear in these difficult times: a loved one, a job, an opportunity, a business or a dream.

In a few months, you will call yourself a Survivor. You will be at the zero point of a new social interaction. Online networking is the way you resist and prepare for what comes next. Use this advantage to inform yourself about opportunities as competition will be tougher than ever.

Take advantage of the crisis in a creative way and make online contact with people who can help you succeed later. Choose to be proactive, because it is more difficult to react in the future job market.

I advise job seekers to improve their networking strategies in this way:

  • Your networking efforts should be targeted.

  • Choose your connections wisely.

  • Give before you receive.

  • Add value to people’s lives.

  • Help people and that will make you hard to forget.

  • Keep track of your networking efforts.

  • Develop professional relationships through social media.

  • Activate your family connections.

  • Start with people you already know: former/current colleagues, group members etc.

  • Join online professional associations and organizations.

  • Volunteering helps you to meet like-minded people.

  • Take part in virtual networking events.

  • Be empathetic as we navigate through dark waters right now.

Remember to make a list of the assets you will bring as a prospective employee.

We’re all in this together!

Good luck to all job seekers who are struggling at the moment.

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