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Management Team

Delia Caluser, Founder & Owner of Focus Recruitment

Delia Caluser, Founder & Owner of Focus Recruitment, is a young entrepreneur from Sibiu (Romania). She founded one of the first IT recruitment agencies in Sibiu and worked closely with local and international clients. As a business developer, she has a deep understanding of organizational strategy and a modern vision.

Focus Recruitment was founded as a result of a passion for the IT recruitment industry. A few years ago, Delia began her career in the international segment of IT recruitment and was quickly attracted by modern techniques and the impact of technology on the current recruitment process. There are no limits to the development of an individual recruitment style and the innovative approach to people.

Knowing both sides of a barrier, as a job seeker and later as an entrepreneur, Delia developed the desire to support job seekers worldwide. The job search is a strenuous activity and often people choose the wrong strategies, which delays their success. Her career coaching programs guide people through these difficult moments.


Delia has succeeded in winning several well-known customers, who benefit from her broad network and hands-on mentality. She always tries to maintain a long-term relationship with her clients because she knows that every customer approach is unique.

Photo: Delia Caluser, 2024


In her spare time, Delia likes to help the children of the community by organizing interesting events or workshops for the little ones. We teach children and they teach us back great values that we thought were forgotten - these values are a powerful tool to bring peace into our lives and to learn to value other people.

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