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How To Increase Your Online Visibility If You Are an Introvert

Social media is the best place to be noticed and this can influence your career. There is no need to be present on all online platforms. The key is to be where your audience is. Most professionals should be on LinkedIn because that's where recruiters, hiring managers and prospective employers look for talent. Your Twitter and Instagram account will also show up on Google searches, so don’t waste any opportunity.

But what if you're introverted and don't like to attract attention or brag?

Remember this: No one knows you're an introvert.

Here are some aspects to be considered by introverted content creators:

  • It's not written in your social media profile that you are introverted, so don't assume others know that.

  • Your online presence is crucial these days because of the pandemic.

  • Publish content and updates from time to time, but be consistent.

  • Choose a content format that you like best. For example, don’t film yourself because everyone is publishing video content these days. It should come naturally to you.

  • Content creation is not about chasing online popularity, but about being noticed for career/business opportunities.

  • You can be visible without being a rock star.

  • Let potential employers/customers discover you through your online presence.

  • A few content tips:

o A good way to get noticed is to promote other people in your network by sharing their articles or updates.

o Quote people in your blog posts.

o Interview people in your network.

o Congratulate colleagues or other group members on recent successes.

I know that the constant activity in social media is draining. I’ve been around for the last 2 years and I'm growing every day. I started like everyone else, with small steps, and I have improved every day.

Would you believe that in the first year I joined this platform, I never checked my LinkedIn feed? I wasted valuable opportunities that year...

I am an introvert, and I am also an introvert entrepreneur. I know one thing: Social media is the perfect place for me to be!

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