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Executive IT Search

Consultants Specialized in National and International IT Recruitment

To achieve your business goals, it is important to carefully select your human resources. Highly qualified, dedicated and productive employees are essential to your business, but searching, selecting and hiring the best IT talents is easier said than done. Therefore, Focus Recruitment supports your business plans with experienced consultants specialized in the national and international IT hiring process.


Most of the recruitment agencies provide you candidates who are already existing in their database, most of them answering at some point to one of their job advertisements or which have submitted their CV in desperate moments. In most cases they do not offer a specialized in-depth opinion about the candidate’s background, being concerned more about quantity rather than about the quality.

We Are Executive Searchers

Here at Focus Recruitment, our approach is different: our executive searchers (“head-hunters”) conduct extensive market research in their executive search to find the most suitable executives for your company. These executives are not looking for a job, meaning they are the “Type A” candidates for your company. Our mission is to approach these passive and talented candidates and introduce them to new exciting opportunities and professional challenges your company is offering nationally or internationally. Recruiting and retaining IT top staff is a leading priority for companies worldwide, which is why they need to be “headhunted”. No general recruitment or personnel consultant will be able to provide you with talents consistently.


An international business depends on the group of executives leading the team. If you want to build your reputation in the IT industry, you should have an efficient team, led by professionals working day in and day out to establish and enhance your brand name. At Focus Recruitment we support you in this way with our extensive network and our experienced resources.

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