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New at Content Posting? Here Are 10 Ways to Post on LinkedIn to Get Noticed

More than 75% of my clients encounter problems when it comes to posting content on social media. Before the coaching sessions, they say that it is impossible for them to "shine" online. After months of consistent online presence, I get 100% confirmation that this technique works for job seekers as well as for IT recruiters or entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.

Among their initial concerns are:

  • They're afraid to post because of the reaction of the network.

  • They don’t know which topic to choose.

  • They are afraid that their content is not interesting.

  • They feel that posting content is a waste of time.

If you are new to this type of social media activity, I have 10 tips for you:

1. Choose your topic, starting with your job, profession, company or your industry.

In the beginning you can search for inspiration from internet articles, but over time consider to create authentic content.

Also, consider to follow business news feeds

and be among the first to share major business news. Don't forget to add your opinion and hashtags before sharing.

2. Your content should be helpful, educational, motivating or entertaining.

The users of LinkedIn expect professional content and many of the topics on this platform are job-related. Your contribution should be of value to the readers.

Remember that the audience prefers to see tips that make them better at their jobs.

3. Ask a question.

It's like seeking advice and people like to share their knowledge and thoughts, giving honest opinions or advice.

4. Share a video.

Maybe you're not a friend of the camera, but you can try to share a video that educates or inspires.

5. Add work-related photos.

Give people a glimpse of your company's celebrations and events.

Share photos of industry events and meetings you have attended.

6. Share statistics.

People are interested in statistics as long as the source is reliable. Remember not to share the fake information that is spread out there.

7. Share an interesting article on careers.

Remember that people want to be up to date with the latest developments and technologies in their industry. Be one of the first to share updates. You can choose from a variety of articles in your LinkedIn feed, starting with influencers, companies or news topics.

8. Mention your (teams) achievements.

This is not a self-promotion, but a way to show your network that you enjoy working in your field and celebrate your successes. You can write about your promotions, degrees and certificates.

You can also thank your team for their efforts to achieve success. Don't forget to tag all team members in the post.

9. Celebrate your LinkedIn successes.

You should celebrate reaching a milestone on LinkedIn, like a certain number of connections and followers.

Thank colleagues or key personalities for supporting your activity. This shows that you are grateful for their support, and that means you are more likely to share the same gratitude with your network.

10. When you become more visible on LinkedIn, make a one self-promotion post.

You only get one of these posts, so make it count.

Indirect sales and promotion are an important trend in personal branding. If you advertise too much for your job/business, people will lose interest in your content.

So be smart when you put out this one post among the others.

Your social media activities are important because:

  • It keeps you up-to-date on your industry and groups.

  • You can get on the radar of people in your network who can offer you a job/business.

  • It can also attract the attention of recruiters or hiring managers.

It worked for me, so it will work for you too!

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