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IT Search & Selection

Our Search & Selection Process

In order to identify the right IT professional for your company through the search & selection process, it is important to rely on the advice of a specialized IT Recruiter from Focus Recruitment.


Most of the recruitment agencies provide you candidates who are already existing in their database, most of them answering at some point to one of their job advertisements or which have submitted their CV in desperate moments. In most cases they do not offer a specialized in-depth opinion about the candidate’s background, being concerned more about quantity rather than about the quality.

Our Approach

Our approach is different: we constantly use and improve our methods and techniques of executive search (“headhunting”) to be successful and to bring you the top performers and talents your business needs. Recruiting and retaining IT top staff is one of the most important priorities for companies worldwide, which is why they need to be “headhunted”. No general recruitment consultant will be able to provide you with talents consistently.


After a detailed analysis of the organizational environment and the definition of the profile, Focus Recruitment supports your company in the selection and hiring of qualified IT experts, professionals and managers. Our experienced IT Recruiting Experts design a personalized recruiting process to understand the details of your open position, the culture of your organization and the technical and soft skills that the candidate must possess in order to succeed in your company. We help you with the final selection by checking the references.


Happy clients and happy candidates - future employees - are the winning alliance for a stimulating and advantageous working relationship.

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