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Which Recruitment Approach Do You Prefer?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Companies today face a major challenge in building high-performance teams. Some strategies involve a reactive attitude towards the hiring process, i.e. talent pools are formed before a new position is opened. But we also know that there are roles that require an urgent hire.

Do you trust an internal or external recruiter?

Internal and external recruiters sometimes use the same techniques, but the mentality is different and each category has its own advantages. An internal recruiter is dedicated to the company and cannot disagree with the company’s politics or recruitment techniques, but is more likely to understand the insides and ideal candidate profiles. On the other hand, external recruiters have the freedom to choose their own techniques, are proficient in their industry and have an overview of the entire recruitment process and the business. They know the market and can compare various company policies. Do you have a preference?

Which channel is your favourite?

There are traditional and modern recruiting channels. My vote goes to the online channels, especially social media and specialized channels, but what’s your favourite job search environment from the followings?

  • Postings and advertisements on job platforms

  • Social media

  • Specialized channels (ex. Stack Overflow)

  • Local newspaper

  • Job fairs and events

  • Career centers

  • University or other educational establishments

  • Recommendations from family and friends

Which recruitment approach do you prefer?

Recruiters usually approach job seekers and passive candidates during working hours. Rarely do people want to talk about their career change on weekends or holidays. Some of the recruitment approaches are accused by many people who do not understand what recruitment is about or they are a result of an abuse. Which of the following do you prefer?

  • Cold call on the mobile

  • Cold call on the company’s landline

  • Cold chat (texting)

  • Cold messaging (e-mail)

Recruiters should use a mix of the above recruitment techniques and approaches. They will always receive disapproval from certain individuals, caused by being subjective, having a bad day at work, not being interested etc.

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