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Skills of an International IT Recruiter

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Being a national IT recruiter has its charm, but expanding your activities in an international environment will take you beyond your borders. International IT recruiters ensure fast and flexible execution of each assignment because they understand the pressure to deliver results at an affordable cost, nationally and globally. You need to understand the specific geographic and demographic needs, personalities foreign to your ethnic and religious knowledge.

Below you will find our ingredients for the special recipe of a successful International IT Recruiter:

  • Full life cycle IT recruiting for both contract and full-time roles: IT recruitment professionals are niche recruiters covering specific IT areas and contract types.

  • Creative recruitment: Traditional recruitment approaches are a thing of the past, and the roles that exist today can disappear or be reinvented tomorrow.

  • Networking: One of the recruitment cores is networking that keeps candidates and potential clients engaged.

  • Modern sourcing strategies and approaches: This is one of the "secret" ingredients of this recipe and is what leads an international IT recruiter to success.

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems): They enable the handling of recruitment needs for both our clients and candidates.

  • IT market analysis: The IT market analysis is a fundamental tool that keeps up to date on employment status, current salary trends in the IT industry and the roles available. The focus is on niches in the IT market, on competitors and key people for the strategic development of companies. International IT recruiters analyze the national or international compensation trends, organizational structures and other guidelines of interest to companies.

  • Forecasting of fluctuations for specific IT roles: An international IT market analysis enables to forecast strategies for the progress of companies nationwide or worldwide.

  • Business development with the aim of establishing long-term business relationships: Happy clients and happy candidates - future employees - are the winning alliance for a stimulating and advantageous working relationship.

  • Negotiation skills: Negotiating better contractual or working conditions can be of great benefit to all parties involved.

  • Mentoring, training and motivational strategy: An experienced recruiter shares his knowledge with others interested in achieving excellence in this area.

  • Career transition consultancy: Moving from another city, country or even continent requires support in understanding local characteristics and accommodation.

  • Guarantee of the provided services: Every professional offers a guarantee for the IT recruitment services that a company needs.

What's your special recipe?

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