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My Advice for Young Entrepreneurs in IT Recruitment

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

You have chosen one of the most challenging and beautiful professions: Being an IT recruiter and running your own business. Prepare yourself for the fight against the giants of the industry, literally and figuratively speaking.

Improve your entrepreneurial thinking every day. Read a lot and do tons of research on various technology and recruitment topics, because you need to know market trends and understand your clients and candidates. Being self-thought is in many cases the key.

Take other IT recruiters as an example, but don’t follow blindly their recruiting style, but develop your own recruiting techniques and approaches. Labor markets are different and you are different so that local factors and your personality will determine your way of working. It's not necessarily helpful to be coached by a more experienced recruiter, instead, I would recommend a mix of more idealistic approaches.

If you fail, learn from your mistakes. You should understand that every company has its ups and downs. Improve yourself and your business style on a constant basis.

Be active on social media, post a lot of content and engage with your audience. No miracles will happen overnight, but this is a long-term investment. Try topics that are helpful, educational or entertaining. Also, build your personal brand and do not “sell” yourself.

My last advice is that you should have at least one person around who believes in your targets, understands your business and encourages you when getting pessimistic. You cannot share your dreams with everybody, but at least one person will help and guide you on your journey. This person doesn’t necessarily need to work in your field, but to understand your evolution as an entrepreneur.

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