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Job Ads Trends: Why Job Heroes with Capes?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Have you noticed all the job ads that portray the role of a superhero with a cape? Not long ago, there were no working heroes, only hard-working people with self-awareness. Trends are forcing us to search for superheroes now?!

What’s the catch? Maybe these ads are aiming the young workforce on the market. Do you think millennials are naive? Ask around and you'll find out what they think. I researched on this topic and only got disapproval or big laughter. It’s only a visual impact that inspires job seekers to dream about a more relaxed and fun working environment; a corporate environment is not everybody’s dream, but let’s face the truth, a job ad with super-heroes cannot change any corporate rule or regulation.

Nobody in the office wears a cape… Are you the future king/queen of the castle? Definitely not, because you don’t make laws around there, you obey to someone else’s rules. I’ll take it as a metaphorical way of presenting facts, but it doesn’t appeal to the majority.

Or are you perhaps a superhero who fights evil. Against whom are you fighting, to be more precisely? Who is the bad character, the marketing or HR guy? These are your colleagues… Or are they perhaps your companies’ clients with exaggerated requests and nightmarish deadlines? Be honest, where do you think your salary comes from?

The superhero is acclaimed by the audience and gets all the benefits. In real life, nobody pays you for free. You should earn your salary, not by being a vendetta, but by working hard to please your team, manager and clients.

Hope that life in the jungle won’t be the next job ads trend… then everyone will be roaring!

Just keep your ads simple and trustworthy!

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