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IT Specialist vs. IT Recruiter

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I constantly read negative comments and disputes on social media between IT specialists on the one hand and IT recruiters on the other. There are always disappointments on both sides... I want to prove that there is no real conflict, there are only isolated cases in which people don’t do their job properly.

Fortunately, my IT recruitment activity has taught me that the two fronts can coexist as in a friendly partnership. First of all, we are all individuals with basic or special needs and we must respect each other. Go out and act without prejudice! The distortion blocks our path to a normal, healthy and effective communication. I could give you thousands of examples that I have encountered or read about, but it is not my intention to promote the gap that has arisen.

I have met outstanding IT specialists so far who are learning to effectively manage their soft skills. Some advice for the recruiters is to be patient, because not all jobs are based on direct and assertive communication. There are also people who are willing to support/mentor others and I consider them to be a real treasure for someone’s professional and personal development. Some advice for the IT specialists is also to be patient, as the majority of IT recruiters have no technical background, but most of them are willing to learn some basics.

FOCUS RECRUITMENT promotes the communication between the two categories, saying "there is no conflict" and advises others to lower the "sarcastic" weapons and find out where the benefits will lead them. You would be surprised!

And last but not least, I would like to thank all the IT specialists who supported me so far and who are willing to help me further! This article is dedicated to you.

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