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How to Update Your Old Content

Content does not work like an immortal work of art unless it is continuously optimized. Only content that is kept up to date is relevant for the audience.

Updating your old content is effective because:

  • People are looking for the latest news and trends in the industry.

  • Search engines rank new and authentic content higher.

  • The network engagement rate is better.

  • New content places you as an expert in your field.

  • The performance of the content is maintained by keeping it relevant to the audience.

Not all your content is worth updating, so choose wisely between them:

  • Content with a high positive impact

  • Content with a low positive impact

  • Content with negative effects

Here are some suggestions for reviving your old content:

  • Authenticity and storytelling are the key factors for successful content in 2020.

  • Continue to offer added value to the reader.

  • Check your keywords for their performance and optimize them if necessary.

  • Make your title more attractive.

  • Review your content format and make improvements.

  • Include visual elements to reinforce your thoughts.

  • Present only new and relevant data.

  • Update your data sources.

  • Add new external links that relate to your content.

  • Mention current industry events.

  • Do not use data from vague sources.

  • Make your content easy to read.

  • Include advice that is valuable to your audience.

  • Think about how your content can influence the lives of your readers.

  • Make sure your content is accessible to all target users.

  • Don't compare yourself to other content authors, because your creation is unique.

  • Remember to update the new release date.

  • Update your old content regularly.

Instead of rewriting old content, I advise you to make improvements so that you and your brand can stand out again.

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