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Hiring the Best Tech Talent

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

My journey as an IT recruiter had ups and downs, but the fact is that hiring the best technical talent is critical to business success. Every IT recruiter, whether an internal or external HR professional, is focused on finding the best solution for the business. Recruitment plans and programs should always be up to date to attract talented candidates. You cannot use yesterday's techniques for today's candidates who will be working for tomorrow.

In many cases, recruiting for tech roles is a real challenge. You never know what to expect, because every vacancy has its own characteristics and the market is constantly changing. Recruiters should always adapt to situations, reinvent their approach to potential candidates and improve their skills every day.

IT specialists usually have good careers and they carefully consider their options before changing jobs. In most cases, the main reason is salary, but interest in the work environment, project area and team events have increased. Most people in IT don't change a project before they finish the old one and that's the best sign of loyalty, leaving no room for a stupid reason to resign.

Hiring the best tech talent also means good timing. Some call it luck. A recruiter's timeline does not always match that of an ideal candidate. People who are available today are unlikely to be available tomorrow. IT specialists are waiting for the end of their project, and that means you have to wait for that too to be ready for a change.

What will hopefully change in the future is the waste of time with unnecessary recruitment steps. IT candidates will lose their patience and interest if the procedures continue. I know that every company has its policies and procedures and they will adhere to them. I never teach others how to do business because I don't want others to teach me how to run my business, but progress and technology will require us to change our mentality.

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