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Advantages in Joining Forces with an IT Recruitment Agency

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I often get this request from potential customers: How can a recruitment agency help alleviate their recruitment problems? Posting a job advertisement is easy for any company and contacting some former candidates or employers is easier. The fact is that these are not the categories that are "hunted" by recruiters. Top tech talent is not available when companies want it, but when they finish a particular project, so timing is critical.

Well, there are many amateurs, but there are also highly qualified professionals who are worth working with. Why should you choose FOCUS RECRUITMENT? Just take a look at what we have to offer in the category of experts:

  • We are open to all technological changes in human resources and love the modern and international approach in the modern recruitment industry. Continuous improvement of our processes and strategies is a must.

  • We understand both clients and candidates, so we can meet the most demanding requirements.

  • We have a very good response rate of candidates, which is between 60-70%.

  • We have large networks with daily inputs and we can find people who tick all the boxes of a job description in the shortest possible time. The timing is crucial for any recruitment project.

  • We present the recruitment options without exaggeration, i.e. no "unique opportunity" or "search for the next Java hero". We adopt a classic style, including some personalized approaches.

  • We keep the communication open and candidates interested. We treat candidates as the most valuable asset and always leave a door open for the next job opportunity or career advice.

  • After the most important recruitment and selection steps, we always give feedback to the candidates. We want to offer people closure and signal the mistakes in their application or interview approaches.

  • We develop a long-term business relationship with our clients. Happy clients are the winning alliance for a stimulating and beneficial collaboration.

We look forward to working with your company and helping you find the perfect solution for your business!

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