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5 Tips on How to Be More Effective as a Recruiter

I started my journey as an IT recruiter with vague guidance and soon developed my own vision and as an entrepreneur started to follow it. I want to share my knowledge with people who are interested in achieving excellence in the recruitment business.

Below are some approaches I want to share with recruiters in order to be more effective:

  • Be authentic: Your post should reflect your values. People are looking for authentic ideas, lifestyles and models. Use a creative mix of images, text and video.

  • Improve your professional brand awareness: You can promote your personal and professional brand, do marketing and grow your audience. Being active in the social media communities associated with your industry can attract quality candidates to learn more about your business and look for opportunities you may have opened up. Write interesting content about your brand, services and industry, promote your values and engage with any comments you get. Not every social media platform is going to attract the type of employee you are looking for. Research, know who spends time on what platform, and decide where your time is best spent. Trying to recruit over every platform is a waste of time and energy.

  • Show a day in your life or the life of your team: Use social media as a window to your expectations and others would recognize if they’re a fit for you. Get to know the specifics of each social online platform and use them to your own advantage. The use of hashtags also helps to broaden your reach, present your company and your position to a wider range of candidates.

  • Improve your effective research and recruitment techniques: Take time to read the profiles of the specialist you are targeting and reach them through a direct message and start the conversation rather than aggressively through cold calling.

  • Create engaging job advertisements: When you post your job ads on social media, don't just share details about the job. Make them more interesting. Add an interesting photo that shows your corporate culture, combine it with a video behind the scenes, ask a question, or create a survey. People may scroll right past your simple vacancies, but if you make them more appealing, you're sure to attract their attention.

I hope that my advice will help as many recruiters as possible to work more effectively.

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