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5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Fit for the Job

There are tons of online posts and articles about the "red flags" that applicants raise during the recruitment process. This is intended as a lesson for job seekers to improve their job search. In this article, I would like to focus more on the "green flags" that indicate that a candidate is suitable for the role. It is an overall picture that the candidate leaves after each important recruitment step.

In addition to knowing the skills required for the open role, the following "green flags" help any recruiter or hiring manager to work more efficiently and decide whether a candidate should be promoted to the next round:

1. There is no perfect candidate for the role.

Recruiters always look for the most suitable employee for a certain position, because the search for the perfect candidate is a waste of time and efforts. He/she does not exist! A 90% match is the most effective one that can be found.

If the interview was more of a conversation than an interrogation and the necessary skills are available, it is a good sign.

There is also the feeling that one looks forward to working with the candidate before even hiring them.

2. The applicant/candidate is well informed.

People doing their research about the company and the position show that they have real intentions to work for the future employer. They already know part of the corporate culture and participating in an interview means that they feel culturally appropriate.

It says that they are interested in the organisation, not just the role, that they want to build their career in this environment and will not go when the first better-paid offer crosses their path.

3. The applicant/candidate shows enthusiasm.

How can you tell whether an applicant is enthusiastic about the role or not? There is no big theory behind it, you only feel higher interest from body language to the excitement in his/her voice.

There are people who speak enthusiastically about their field and the industry. As a rule, these types of people are also highly qualified and very talented at work. They look for more than one means to pay the bills - they care about their job.

4. The applicant/candidate speaks honestly about his/her mistakes.

There are online guidelines for job seekers on how to deal with the interview question on this subject. Interviewers are trained to recognize honesty in candidates' answers. The truth about the deficiencies is not just an answer to a question, but the whole impression someone leaves after the interview.

If someone is open to his weaknesses, it is a sign of self-awareness. Careers are not perfect and sharing what they have learned from previous mistakes makes them a perfect fit for the role.

5. The applicant/candidate is quick to react.

All recruitment steps need time to be organised, especially coordination (e.g. telephone screens, interviews, technical tests etc.) is a big-time consumer. A quick response from the candidate helps the recruiter or hiring manager to be more efficient.

A quick response is also interpreted as a key factor: Motivation for the company and the vacancy.

I wish all recruiters and hiring managers hat they find the right fit!

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