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5 Reasons Why an IT Job Description Fails to Attract

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Many IT specialists find job descriptions boring because recruiters cannot or could not develop their creativity while writing the JD?

I have collected opinions from my former IT candidates about the impact of a job description on them. Here are 5 topics that need to be improved when writing an advertisement for a particular IT role.

1. The job title is not inspiring and does not provide much information.

The title is the first impact on job seekers and candidates. "Java Developer" doesn't sound impressive at all, it's pretty boring. "Java Ninja Developer" is not appropriate and technical terms are more attractive than familiar ones. “Java Expert” sounds better, but it’s still boring. “Senior Software Engineer - Make a difference in the IoT world and Smart City Solutions (Java)” would definitely draw more attention and contains some key information about the role.

2. The requirements are too specific.

Too many technical requirements will discourage people and they will not be able to guess which of them are mandatory. Some of the “nice to have” skills should be concepts, not certain technologies.

3. There is no relevant information about the employer included.

Job seekers and candidates usually research and want to know more about the future employer. Companies should let them feel the taste of a working day in the company and show why they are better than the competition.

4. There is a lack of information.

Some people want to know from the outset whether vacancies meet their expectations so as not to lose time. Usually, a job description does not contain much information about the salary range, the management process, working schedule, home-office work, availability on weekends or the steps of the hiring process. It’s an ideal topic to improve upon.

5. There is not much information available online about the team.

Job seekers and candidates will want to see some pictures with the team and representative moments in the corporate culture (e.g. team events, thematic parties etc.).

Writing a job description requires a lot of time, creativity and commitment, but the effort will allow you to recruit more valuable specialists.

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