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4 Vulnerabilities in the IT Recruiting Business

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

As much as I want to praise the IT recruitment business, I have to admit that there are several threats that affect the future of recruitment agencies and the mentality of hiring managers in general.

I have identified some of the vulnerabilities and have advice on how to address them:

  • The technology changes are happening fast, like…right now: Traditional jobs will be affected by technological changes, and some technical roles we see today are likely to disappear or transform in the future. Understanding and following this is a step forward in mentality change.

  • You neglect your personal brand and chase after money: Invest time, creativity and passion in creating your personal or professional brand. This is a long-term goal that will bring the income you’ve been dreaming about. Chasing only money will get you frustrated and maybe kick you out of the business sooner than you think. Just overthink your strategy.

  • Learn how to handle refusals: I wrote a separate article on this topic in our blog. Check it out, because there are too many people out there who are knocked down by rejections. The key to that is to stay optimistic and look for the next prospects. Disappointment is part of every business, including recruitment activities.

  • Educate your patience: It’s OK to want things done in one day and wait for a quick income, but business is all about the long-term perspective. Patience will help you deal with difficult candidates, clients and market changes. You should not hurry to prove your success, but build it on solid rocks.

I hope that my advice will help many IT recruiters out there.

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