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10 Tips on How to Improve the Recruiting Activity

I've received so much advice during my recruiting career. Some have been helpful, others simply not suitable for my recruiting style and mentality. This time I let my audience decide if these tips are effective.

Here are the 10 tips I received on how to improve my recruiting activity (my comments are in the breaks):

  1. A recruiter should be convincing. (Good advice!)

  2. Recruiters are salesmen. (I hate this one the most!

  3. A recruiter should be flexible. (This depends on many aspects.)

  4. A recruiter should be available outside the working hours. (This is the way we work!)

  5. A recruiter should build a personal and professional brand. (Fact!)

  6. Recruiters should not be empathetic. (Wrong thinking!)

  7. Think like a winner. (Motivational speech stuff…)

  8. Make more calls. (I hate cold calling.)

  9. Recruiters should be like sponges when it comes to picking up information and news about their industry. (That's what makes the difference between a professional and an amateur.)

  10. You can play mind games with others. (Only in movies!)

Much of this advice was intended to improve my recruiting techniques, but it failed. I haven't even tried some of them yet. My opinion is to do things in your way, to find the recipe that makes you effective and successful. Nobody should follow someone else's career path, because no two careers are the same in this world. So, our approaches are unique and a result of our experience, personality and aspirations.

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