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Why Do Attitudes Change After a Resignation?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I remember my last resignation and the great feeling of going the entrepreneurial way. I still wonder why my former colleagues changed their attitude from that moment until my last working day. Still, it was a funny experience.

It is a rarity on the labor market to work all your life in the same company, without any major opportunities for promotion. People usually don't stay in a job longer than 4-6 years and the desire to advance in a career is a general goal. Staff turnover is inevitable and HR departments are trying to understand why employees leave their companies. Still, the colleagues do not always make the same efforts.

So, back to my experience. The HR department was caught "unprepared" and desperately looking for replacement strategies. My exit interview was professionally organized and I thanked them for my time spent in the company, for their support over the years and gave them one last piece of advice on how to look for retention problems as around 38% of their staff had left recently. Fun fact: After 3 months, the HR manager also resigned.

My resignation revealed many angry faces and only a few colleagues were happy that I was taking a new path in my career and admired my courage to start my own business. The other felt betrayed, they refused to take over tasks from me, and even on my last day in the office I had to finish some projects. There were also some people who "warned" me that I would fail, that bigger sharks would devour me... Guess what, we met recently by chance and they still work for the same company, talk harsh about the management and complain about the salary and benefits. They asked how my business was going and there was the payback moment for me.

I don’t remember all the good moments I spent in this company, but I still remember how they treated me in the end. It really tells a lot about the values they promoted. A bigger salary, a more expensive education and cool co-workers as friends cannot replace the way someone treats people. I think an integer attitude is better suited to these kinds of situations.

You don’t have to understand my career choices, to resonate with my professional believes, just to accommodate to change. The world goes around, never stops and neither do we!

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