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15 Tricks on How to Increase Your LinkedIn Visibility

A year ago, I started posting content on social media. Soon, creating content helped me with my business, but also broadened my horizons. I found out that this way I can help many job seekers who feel lost and drained after months or even years of job search.

Networking is one of the modern tools of job search, and paradoxically one of the most underestimated. LinkedIn offers countless possibilities and if you want to make your profile more visible, here are some tricks you should try:

1. Understand the rules and trends of the LinkedIn platform.

2. Start your post with a powerful or engaging sentence or title. You will attract the attention of the audience and people will want to read on.

3. Your content should add value. Make the content thought-provoking or teach people about a particular industry or service. Entertainment is also a good choice.

4. Choose a topic that you are passionate about or have a broad experience in.

5. Analyse the impact of your posts. After you have posted for some time, you will find that your content is appreciated differently. If you want higher visibility, start posting content that is required by your audience, not your preferences.

6. Write text posts. Videos and images burden the algorithm. Links to other sources should be added in the comments section.

7. Your content should have an easy-to-read design. Don’t be afraid to use many paragraphs, (colorful) bullets or emoticons.

8. Use # (hashtags) and @ (mentions). Tagging someone shows that you are interested in their opinion.

9. Like or react to your posts. This may sound strange, but you will get used to it.

10. Promote your LinkedIn posts and articles on other social media platforms. You can share links on other platforms that send the audience back to your original content.

11. Like, react and comment on other posts. This shows that you care about your network. It’s a good way to express your thoughts and be kind and grateful to others.

12. Share other posts. Your network might find the information you share revealing.

13. Spread a positive mindset. Remember that kindness is valued worldwide. Negative comments with a good argumentation are accepted as long as they are polite and do not discriminate against certain industries, professions, genres, religions, groups, etc. don’t discriminate against certain industries, jobs, genres, religions, groups etc.

14. Follow and connect to like-minded individuals or prospect clients/employers. Growing your network is the key to a new job or business opportunities for you.

15. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. You think nobody is interested in your LinkedIn activity, in fact, everyone is watching.

It worked for me, which means it's going to work for you, too!

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Beautiful and useful insights, Thanks for the advice

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