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How to Choose Between Multiple Job Offers the Right One

Job seeking is a struggle, but what if you are successful and get more job offers at the same time? If you leave behind the excitement of having several options, you should make a thorough analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of the job offers. Sometimes the answer is not as obvious as we think. When you change industries or careers, the decision becomes more complex.

The decision is not easy and you should consider the following aspects:

  • Remember that things are often not what they look like at first glance.

  • Compare the offers using SWOT or other methods.

  • Which of the companies made a better impression after the online research and interviews?

  • What is the management style of the potential employer?

  • Is the location OK?

  • Is the salary package sufficient for your needs and expectations?

  • Are the benefits offered compelling or competitive?

  • Is the working schedule flexible?

  • Do you have a home-office possibility?

  • Could the future employer boost your career path?

  • What work-life balance programs does the company support?

  • Would you feel comfortable overall in this potential role?

Here is how to refuse job offers you don’t find so attractive:

  • Call the recruiter/interviewer or hiring manager. Text or e-mail is somewhat impersonal.

  • Express sincere gratitude for the offer.

  • Explain why you can’t accept the job offer. (e.g. you will join another company, you will stay with your current employer etc.)

  • Be polite and leave room for communication in the future.

Don't think that your refusal hurts someone's feelings. It's just business, and companies meet rejections every day.

Good luck to all job seekers out there!

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