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What You Said or Did Wrong During a Job Interview

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

There is no recipe for the perfect interview and both parts want to find out if there is a match. You've probably experienced at least once in your career the situation of going through interviews and not getting a job offer. Of course, the feedback was vague, or worse, there was no feedback at all.

Don’t rush to blame recruiters or hiring managers for your lack of success during the interview. The blame can sometimes be on your side.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of possible mistakes during the interview. Check if one of the following points has occurred and be aware of the rest:

1. You appear unprepared, with an outdated CV and with no clue about the hiring company.

2. You show up accompanied by your child/pet/husband/spouse/parents.

3. You don’t pay attention to your appearance; your hair looks like in a horror movie.

4. You offer only yes/no answers.

5. You talk too much and don’t listen to others.

6. You lie about your studies or your expertise.

7. Your jokes seem insulting.

8. You curse.

9. You give too much information about your personal, religious and intimate life.

10. You project your anger on your former job/boss/colleagues.

11. You bite into your nails, play with your hair or other signs of anxiety.

12. You chew gum.

13. You smoke.

14. You drink alcohol.

15. You have no respect for the interviewer.

16. You behave in a familiar way towards the interviewer.

17. You don’t mute your mobile phone.

18. You ask permission to speak on your phone.

19. You don’t seem interested in the vacancy and don’t ask questions.

20. You ask the interviewer to be brief because you need to attend another meeting.

Some of these 20 situations seem hilarious to you, but it is better to avoid them and not to give recruiters or recruitment managers the chance to misjudge you.

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