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Top Advice for Job Seekers

The global job market has evolved, as has the industry in which you work. Job search and recruitment techniques have also evolved and are now responding to current trends. Finding a job is much more than a perfect resume or revamping the old one. It takes a lot of effort and an effective search strategy to be successful.

Here are 5 big mistakes to avoid when you look for work:

1. You only network when you need a job.

Networking is one of the most effective modern recruitment and job search tools. Many are unfamiliar with this channel and others consider it a waste of time because the result does not appear “on time”.

The more effort you invest in networking, the better the chances of hearing about a job that suits you and is not published.

2. You don’t have a marketing strategy.

Job seekers should know how to sell their skills and image. It is easier said than done. Not everyone has an affinity with the sales area.

Without a network or marketing strategy, you move away from your goal. You should show the audience in your industry that you are interested in your field. This will give you an advantage over your competitors in the job search.

3. You overemphasize what you want.

The job search is about your efforts to find a job, about the optimal presentation of your qualifications and skills. You are looking for specific employers who seem well suited for you.

Remember that you know almost nothing about what is behind a hiring decision. Potential employers are always looking for future employees who can impact the business and integrate seamlessly into their culture. Think about what employers want!

4. You rely only on job postings.

Every second customer of mine confirms that the online application has no results. And I agree that this method of job search is not so effective.

Think of the fact that maybe 1,000 other people are applying for the same job. You should also pass the ATS (Application Tracking System) to be noticed by the recruiter or HR manager.

As you apply online, also focus on other job search channels such as networking and recommendations.

5. You blame everyone else for your lack of success. It is time to start with yourself.

Whether or not you are successful in your job search is up to you. There are tons of articles and advice for job seekers. Most of them are motivating, but the rest doesn't help in the real job market or in your industry.

In my opinion, job seekers choose the wrong job search strategy and listen to the advice of former job seekers. Note that no two job seekers are the same, their background, experience and career aspirations are different and complex.

It is said that the average job seeker spends 5 months looking for a new job. Start thinking effectively and choosing the right job search strategy!

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