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Should You Choose the Salary, the Boss or the Company?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

People searching for the next job are always looking for one - if not all - of these aspects: The salary, the boss and the company. At the end of a recruitment process, a job seeker should always analyse the hiring offer and choose one of the three factors that he/she considers most important at that moment of his/her career. A good mix of the three is ideal and depends on the job seekers status, career outlooks, age, experience and even location.

People change their mentality and needs during their career and professional development: At some point they want money, later they want an inspiring leader and sometimes an environment offered by a particular company. It’s the employer’s job to identify these needs and to align the company’s policies with them and to take them as a guideline for future strategies. Skilled HR professionals easily identify these needs and act accordingly to attract or retain as many people as possible. And by that, I don’t mean ping-pong tables and fancy walls or chairs… that probably don't balance all the needs of an employee.

My advice when looking for the next job is not to run only after a higher salary. If the boss is hard to satisfy and has unrealistic demands and nightmarish goals, even the highest salary in the world doesn't make worth the job. It is the same if you work in a company that is known for the difficulties and discrepancies in the treatment of employees - money can't cover that and will hardly give you a better feeling.

Personally, I would focus on finding a good and inspiring boss to help me make progress and have satisfaction at my workplace. The business environment is shaped and can be influenced by the boss, who has the power to change things and make his employees happier.

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