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Should Job Ads Include the Salary Range or Not?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Some countries, such as the UK and the US, have already included the salary range in their job advertisements and job descriptions for some time. This makes the payment process transparent and gives the potential candidates on the market more confidence.

However, there are many European countries where wage negotiations are still an uncomfortable issue. Due to fierce competition, companies will not disclose their payment systems and will be willing to negotiate only directly with specialists and candidates. If someone reveals this salary range despite the above-mentioned "national tradition", it is a great occasion for debates, which usually become an expression of political and financial frustration.

There are several reasons why job ads should include the salary range:

  • This will affect the number and quality of applicants who have different financial expectations.

  • Salary range disclosure may set unrealistic targets for prospect candidates.

  • The disclosure of salary range can cause internal problems for former candidates who feel underpaid.

  • The modern employee demands this changes and transparency is seen as a sign of fairness and means a more familiar environment where people are valued.

  • The candidate learns the boundary where negotiation begins when he is above average and wants to be overrated.

  • It is the future trend already adopted by many countries.

  • You save a lot of valuable time for everyone involved.

At FOCUS RECRUITMENT, we promote an international approach to this issue by saving time for both clients and candidates. We are also proud of all our national and international clients in the IT industry who have offered competitive payments and bonuses, that are many times higher than the average market salary.

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