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Job Search: No Feedback After Applying

Not receiving a reply after sending an e-mail with your resume or an online application is one of the most frustrating aspects of job search. You know you are a good match for that particular role, you have the skills, the experience, but still no call.

I know that waiting is frustrating and you may jump to the worst conclusion from the beginning. No news is not automatically bad news.

Here are a few reasons why the potential employer has not responded to your application:

  • The position was already filled.

  • Other applicants were more suitable.

  • There were too many applications for this particular position.

  • The job advertisement was just a formality.

  • You did not follow the instructions for submitting your application.

  • You sent your resume to someone who was not involved in the recruitment process.

  • Internal candidates or recommendations are preferred for this role.

  • Your resume was not customized after the job description.

  • Your resume is not ATS (Application Tracking System) compliant.

  • There is a contradiction between your resume and the LinkedIn profile.

  • You are not qualified for the position.

  • Your salary expectations are too high.

  • You do not have the number of years of experience or you exceed it.

  • Your resume ends up in the talent pool, but you obviously do not know that.

Now that we have some possible explanations, here's what to do next:

  • Follow up after a week by sending an email.

  • Get professional help with writing your resume and LinkedIn profile optimization.

  • Start a blog in your area of expertise.

  • Focus your networking efforts.

  • Improve your presence in social media.

  • Enhance your personal brand.

Good luck to all job seekers out there!

I can help you get noticed faster!

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