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Job Search Marketing in 2020

If you are reading this title, the first question that comes to your mind is probably: What does marketing have to do with job search? You're right, marketing communication tactics can make companies grow. 2020 offers a dynamic job market, and job search seems much more like a marketing campaign of your skills and experience.

We all know, and my clients can confirm, that a "perfect" resume and LinkedIn profile is not enough to get you the job you dream of. Job seekers have learned that networking and personal branding are crucial in their job search efforts.

Why not incorporate a marketing plan in combination with other job search strategies? Potential employers will identify your brand and you will be considered an expert in your industry. In many cases, the reputation can proceed you.

Job seekers, do you still believe that marketing is only for companies?

Take a look at the following tactics:

  • Define your goals. No strategy works if you cannot measure your success. Keep track of your job search in lists and you can always analyse where you need improvements or a different strategy.

  • Your plan should have an external focus. Think about what information your audience, potential employers/collaborators need to receive.

  • Focus internally on how you want to communicate your brand. Choose the best way to promote your brand, incorporating the elements of the target brand (e.g. skills, expertise, achievements, advice, etc.), the key messages and the communication channels that work in your industry.

  • Be smart in your strategy. Research your job market well and identify target companies you want to work for. Understand how you can add value to those businesses.

  • Be curious. Don't assume that you know everything about the job search. The technology and trends in job search strategy have evolved. Learn from top performers how to use these elements to your benefit.

  • Identify your target audience. Think about who you want to contact and who you want to target with your content. In every industry, there are key roles and people who can offer you support or advice. You should always think about addressing the right audience and make adjustments along the way.

  • Identify your channels for sharing content. After you identify your audience, research the channels on which they consume information. This is how you will select your broadcast channel. It takes a lot of time and effort to successfully manage all the channels you have selected.

  • The content you create should be relevant to your target group. Your main focus should be on disseminating information and creating real connections that will lead you to job offers in the future. Remember that the key messages are short, memorable and helpful, and they will show why you might be a better choice than other job seekers.

  • 2020 means to be timely. Your marketing and branding efforts should be real-time. You need to create reactive content for events that affect people at that moment. Always work on the most time-sensitive content first.

  • Remember that not everyone will think or feel the same way about your brand. Choose topics that are relevant to the majority of your audience. There is no magic formula, so you will learn along the way how to make a greater impact.

  • Create an army of fans/followers/subscribers/connections. Position yourself as an expert in your field. People enjoy free content, especially if it is useful, educational or entertaining.

  • You should develop a positive relationship between your brand and the target audience. Show people that you can be helpful and that your brand can influence someone's behavior, thoughts or feelings. Other job seekers will certainly appreciate your advice and share the same moments of frustration or success.

  • Your communication style should be accessible and engaging. Do not hide behind fancy speeches and do not steal ideas/thoughts. Give people a reason to meditate on your content and share their impressions. Choose a clear and concise writing/video/audio style and the impact will be greater.

  • Be consistent. If you want your strategy to work, you need to be consistent in your job search.

  • For companies, there is a charge for a marketing campaign, but yours can be done for free. You can organize an Influencer marketing campaign for free through social media. Potential employers get the chance to get to know you before they hire you.

  • Review your strategy continuously. Learn new things every day from books, online channels, colleagues, personalities you admire, etc. Update your strategy whenever necessary.

Adopting a successful marketing mindset will boost your job search!

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