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Job Search: Knowing Where Employers Recruit

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

If you are looking for a job that addresses a specific industry and company, you may find it useful to know where employers are focusing their recruitment activities and how they handle applications. If you have this information, you can increase your chances of being noticed by them. It's a waste of time not to use the same job boards or platforms that companies use for recruitment.

Your first choice may be the best-known online platform or job board. Companies do not always use these channels, as many unsuitable candidates need to be selected from the appropriate ones. And we are talking about hundreds of CVs to be analysed every day. So, they focus on niche job boards in the geographical area of interest. Here they find candidates who are also looking for a job on a niche platform, not on a general one. Another advantage is that the probability that the locals will apply is higher and they are usually preferred for a vacancy than people who have to relocate for the new job.

Your resume should stand out from the crowd and not for the wrong reason, but to attract the attention of the potential employer. Many companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to screen resumes so that you have to invest more effort into it and include relevant information that matches the vacancy. By updating your CV, you will be noticed more quickly and show that you are more competitive than other candidates. Using keywords from the job advertisement helps recruiters or the software to see you as a potential candidate for the job.

Once you've improved your resume, it's time to update your professional online profiles as well. Networking with professionals and potential employers increases your chances of being noticed. All details about your education, career and skills should be up to date. Your photo should also be a recent one so that you don't surprise the audience when a “younger”/”elder” person appears for an interview. Try to be brief and include relevant information for your industry. You can always look for inspiration by reviewing the profiles of the professionals you admire and who are building a career that seems relevant to you.

The easiest way to get attention from a particular company is to apply directly to its website. You will be surprised to find vacancies that are not listed on other platforms or job boards. This will tell about yourself that you are really interested in working for the company, that you have researched about them and that you feel that the culture and environment are potentially suitable.

What I don't advise job seekers to do is publish their resume on a platform and wait for the phone to ring and the hiring offers to flow. Believe me, the only calls will come from agents trying to sell you three pairs of socks for the price of two or a holiday in Bali. And not to mention all the job scams out there in the market…

I hope my advice will help job seekers to improve their applications and get that dream job.

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