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Job Search Is More Than a Perfect Resume

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

At the start of your job search, your focus is captured by updating and adjusting your resume for each application. Relying solely on writing your resume and making it ATS-compliant is not enough to make your job search effective or successful.

Secret ingredients to make a good first impression and use an efficient job search strategy are the following:

  • You need a portfolio of works.

  • Collect job-related evaluations.

  • Your email address should look professional.

  • You need a professional email signature.

  • Use a professional voicemail greeting.

  • Your LinkedIn profile should be optimized.

  • Your other social media profiles should look professional and friendly.

  • Create a list of ideal job postings.

  • Individualize the resume for each job.

  • Create a list of 50+ target companies.

  • Make interview preparations and simulations.

  • Think about 5+ success stories of your career.

  • Make a list of 100+ people you know and may recommend you.

  • Use business cards.

  • Use cover letters.

  • Use thank you letters after interviews.

  • Remember that networking is one of the most effective modern job hunt tools.

  • Track your applications in a spreadsheet.

  • Track your networking activity in a spreadsheet.

  • Have an overall positive mindset!

It is these little details that will make the difference between you and the competition for this open role.

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