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Job Search: Do You Like Glamorous Posts on Social Media?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Social media is a powerful tool in our modern world. It enables job seekers around the world to connect to professionals or recruiters and take advantage of interesting job opportunities. But why do you have the feeling that everybody gets that dream job except you?

The sad truth is that job seekers struggle every day and go from despair to hope, frustration and then back to optimism. Glamorous social media posts related to job search are inspiring for success and the power to quickly get a job. It’s like selling dreams and hopes to people who are looking for a job. People need this kind of advice and to know that others feel the same way and fight the same battle.

No job search story is perfect. We all need to improve our personal style on the way, whether we’re job seekers, recruiters or hiring companies. Don’t believe all the incredible posts you see about stunning projects and workplaces like a corner in heaven. And co-workers are supposed to be like a family now? Social media shows only half of what is real. The truth lies mostly in the feelings and moments that are not captured by social media.

The reality behind glamorous posts on social media can be depicted as follows:

  • The encouragements for job seekers are positive, but sometimes to schmaltzy.

  • They are selling a sophisticated image of success.

  • Some posts are quotes from books or sound like wise words from tribal leaders that are not necessarily connected to the current job market.

  • Perhaps some of the stories about successful hires are fiction and are only intended to gain attention.

  • Most posts are not original thoughts, experiences and stories, but copy-paste actions – which, by the way, is not difficult to identify.

  • Influencers/Motivators play a key role in setting trends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right or that their advice fits your career status and industry.

  • It’s strange that sometimes career advice comes from people who don’t have relevant experience.

  • The real key players don’t have to post glamorous content on social media and they don’t need to gather a huge number of likes or followers/subscribers/contacts.

Success in finding work and in life in general is based on hard work, stress resistance and patience. These three ingredients worked for me and hope to work for you as well.

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