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Job Search Can Be Frustrating If You Don’t Choose to Fight Back

The pandemic has created new challenges for the job search process, which has already been a struggle for many people. Maintaining mental well-being is crucial in these difficult times. I have heard so many sad stories lately, but I have also received good news from my clients who have managed to find a job in recent weeks.

Remember to stay grounded:

  • Don’t get discouraged so easily.

This is maybe the most difficult part to handle when looking for a job. There are many rejections, the lack of feedback after job interviews and confusing advice from family, friends, colleagues and even social media. You are likely to question your competence or the way you apply for a job.

My advice is to find ways to overcome this frustration and focus on future job opportunities. The pandemic poses an additional challenge.

  • Do not assume that other job applicants or candidates are better than you.

I've heard that a thousand times. The fact is that every job seeker is unique and comes with a different combination of soft and hard skills. The level of motivation and determination also varies.

The others are not better than you, but they are probably better prepared or more suitable for the company culture.

  • Networking is the key to success.

Don’t plan to start your networking efforts only when you are on a job hunt. Start immediately and you will thank yourself later. You will be surprised when you hear about job offers that are not advertised. Statistically, recommendations are the preferred method of recruitment by employers.

Remember to network with people in your industry and with decision-makers.

  • Have a strong mind and a strong body.

I know that it’s harder to exercise during the lockdown, but people get creative in this case as well. For example, I found my old skipping rope, which I haven't used for 8 years. No, it's my favorite workout.

Energize your search by relieving the stress now and then.

  • Dedicate only a few hours a day to finding a job.

I remember spending 4-6 hours a day looking for a job as a job seeker. I can tell you now that it was too much for me and that half of this time was not efficient at all.

My advice is to search wisely and not desperately because this is a long process. It is not necessary to have a stable search plan, because you need certain flexibility.

Good luck to all job seekers out there!

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