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Is In-Person Resume Delivery Still Efficient?

Back when technology did not influence the hiring process at a high level, as it does today, people delivered their resumes personally to the potential employer. They had a stack of resumes that were then delivered to the companies they targeted.

Is in-person resume delivery still efficient today? Let’s find out:

  • It still is a great approach in the case of family-owned or small businesses.


These work environments are more family-like and appreciate the effort required to deliver the resume personally. In most of the cases, you will already get to know the head of the business.

If you make a good impression, there is a good chance that they will invite you for an interview.

  • It’s a bad idea when it comes to medium or large-sized companies.


Remember that in most cases, no one from HR will see that you are delivering the resume. The interaction is with the lower staff, which is not qualified to make assumptions about job applicants. Don’t waste your time.

Some of these companies already use ATS (Application Tracking System), so the competition is higher.

One advantage could be that you have the opportunity to have your application analysed by a recruiter or recruiter manager.

  • It is not recommended at all when it comes to corporations.


The resume may be lost if it is physically carried from the "gate" or "front office" in a pile of documents in the HR department. An online application via a portal, a company website or an e-mail is expected.

Corporations are heavily reliant on technological assistance when it comes to selecting CVs. Think of the fact that there may be 500-1000 vacancies and you are only one of the thousand applicants. You should take more care to make your resume ATS compliant to have a chance to pass the selection.

My recommendation: Not all old-school application methods work today, so it is advisable to use modern job hunt tools.

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