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How to Succeed as a Job Seeker in 2020

We are almost at the end of 2019 and all are striving to start the New Year with hope and new forces to look for a new job or to change the professional direction. We always learn from what has happened during a year so that we can improve our efforts in the future. Careers are no exception. New Year means a new beginning!

To be a winner in 2020, you have to do this:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Create a job search strategy.

  • Create a list of target companies.

  • Collect job-related evaluations.

  • If possible, create a portfolio of works.

  • Understand how your local job market and industry work.

  • Your email address and signature should look professional.

  • Make targeted networking efforts, both offline and online.

  • Remember that networking is one of the most effective modern job hunt tools.

  • Track your applications and networking efforts in a spreadsheet.

  • Individualize the resume for each job.

  • Make interview preparations and simulations.

  • Think about 5+ success stories of your career.

  • Use business cards for a more professional look.

  • Use cover letters.

  • Use thank you letters after interviews.

  • Be kind and always leave a door open!

  • Don’t take rejections personally. It’s just business.

  • Have an overall positive mindset!

Good luck to all job seekers in 2020!

May your efforts soon be rewarded!

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