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How to Get a Job When You Lack a College Degree

Millions of people graduate from college every year. Just a few decades ago the number of graduates was not so high, but today a diploma is a must. At least it's one of the best ways to start your career. I specialize in IT recruitment and in this industry, the candidates are rarely undergraduates because the competition is tough and the vacancies require high qualification.

Many employers only look for personnel with diplomas, and this is one of their most important requirements. I see it in more and more job advertisements, although companies complain that they cannot find the right fit for every position. Few are willing to integrate people who do not have a degree but are very talented and passionate about an industry.

Here are some guidelines about the options to make if you are looking for a job, have the experience and skills, but have no college degree:

  • Don’t lie about your diplomas.

Recruiters can confirm dates and they can learn about your lie that will automatically blacklist you. And trust me, the recruitment networks are huge. You don't want the wrong label, you want a decent job.

  • Don't look at your application as strongly as one of a graduate.

In many cases, if not in all, you are considered the plan "B", or worse, your resume is rejected on the spot. Don't get very optimistic about this topic.

  • Online job applications are not an effective strategy in your case.

You are wasting your time because modern companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen your application. Guess what? You’re out before you’ve even got in. Also, statistically speaking, recruiters contact a few online applicants because of their high number.

  • An ATS-compliant resume does not work in your case.

A good idea is to connect with a real person to have your application analysed. This is a good chance to get to the interview.

  • Choose potential employers that might need a particular combination of your skills and experience.

Targeting any company is a real waste of time and a sign of desperation. Maybe you are lucky and someone is willing to overlook the lack of your diploma.

  • Remember that companies want to hire people who care about what they do.

Do your research about the company and impress them with your desire to work there, show them what impact they have on your life or someone you know.

  • The golden rule of modern job search and recruitment also applies to you: Start networking effectively.

Connect with current employees of the company you're targeting and attend networking events. There is a chance that people will recommend you.

I hope my advice helps and wish all job seekers good luck!

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