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How to Gain More Followers on Social Media

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Social media platforms are used to build strong relationships, but can also be used to promote a business. In my article I will focus on some techniques to increase the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can choose on which platform it is better to advertise your business or grow your audience.

Facebook is about connecting with relatives/friends and knowing the latest gossip or news in the neighborhood. Twitter is about spreading news and interesting /viral content worldwide. LinkedIn means building up professional relationships and learning more about your industry. Instagram is capturing and sharing impressions from around the world. Although the four platforms have a different purpose, I would recommend similar techniques to attract more followers to your account.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Post only relevant content with the intent of providing value, not targeting to go viral

  • Try to post frequently, starting with a few times a week and ending with daily posts

  • Optimize your posting time by thinking when your target audience is more likely to be connected to the specific social media platform

  • Use pictures/videos and you will gain more visibility

  • Create an authentic profile

  • Use the right profile picture (You can learn more about this topic in a separate article on this blog)

  • Use hashtags

  • Engage with replies/comments/tags which shows to your audience that you care about them

  • Identify followers in all your networks

  • Draw in followers outside of a specific platform

  • Don’t expect any miracles within 3-6 month because this is a long-term plan

I wish you a constantly growing network!

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