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How to Create Engaging Job Posts on Social Media

Social media platforms are effective instruments to advertise job offers and to achieve high visibility with potential candidates. The truth is that many of these types of posts go unnoticed and not every time the target audience is reached. People can scroll past job vacancies if you don't make them attractive enough.

Below I share a few tricks to get people's attention with an engaging job ad on social media:

  • Not only share details about the job but try to make the format more interesting.

  • Learn what kind of information job seekers in your industry want to be included in the job ad.

  • Include important information in your post: job title, location and a link to the full job description.

  • Try to keep the post short.

  • You can start with a question because in most cases it attracts people's attention.

  • Add a picture to stand out, or add photos that are representative of your company culture.

  • Add a video with company insides and a catchy presentation of the team.

  • Learn how to monitor your social media presence for opportunities to connect with job seekers.

  • Let employees share the vacancy with their network.

  • Learn how to improve the audience on any social platform.

These few tricks can be used not only in recruitment but also in all types of posts that need to be more visible and reach a wider audience.

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