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How I Got Out of My Comfort Zone

All my life, I've run away from risks and tough challenges. Leaving my comfort zone brought new horizons into my professional and private life. I now see things in a different light, I have lost old habits and gained new ones. I am not a new person, but a better side of myself.

To get out of the comfort zone for me, I had to follow these four steps:

1. Life in the comfort zone didn't give me much satisfaction.

It's nice to feel safe and under control, but I didn't shine professionally. I went to work like everyone else, complaining about weird work responsibilities and bad bosses. Also, the colleagues were not always a joy. Almost 15 years in this phase, struggling to get noticed and pay bills.

2. After my maternity leave, I realized that it was time for a career change.

It was this small step that got me out of my comfort zone. I have made a career switch and I am grateful for this opportunity to this day. Over the next few years, I have evolved from anonymity to a successful IT recruiter. I lacked self-confidence and found excuses when a project went wrong and was influenced by the opinions of others. I don't know why it seemed important to me at that moment to be professionally appreciated by others, but those were the times.

3. I learned a lot about IT recruitment and acquired valuable skills.

While others come to work only for the salary and get the bills or vacations paid, I aimed for a deeper understanding of IT recruitment. My comfort zone extended so much during that time. I have been dealing with new challenges and problems and have found ways to overcome them. I acquired new skills and even changed my mindset.

4. The ultimate step to leave the comfort zone for me was to start my own business.

The workplace was just a tight universe for me, so it was time to grow. I know that I am realizing my dream of helping others and being noticed and appreciated for this support. I have found a meaning in my professional life and interact with "top" people and not with people who complain about everything and solve nothing. I conquer my goals step by step, learn new approaches every day and get to know job seekers and the job market better. Also being active and posting on social media was a big step for me and I enjoy it.

I wish you all the courage to step out of the comfort zone from time to time.

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