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Does the Company Size Matter While Looking for a Job?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Is it better to work for a small or large company? Many job seekers are skeptical about choosing a certain size of the company while looking for a job. I have collected some thoughts from IT specialists on this subject. It is a real help as recruiters to talk to candidates about the assumptions they have made about a current or prospective employer. Recruiters can assist candidates in choosing between the possibilities of the market.

People’s decisions are influenced by many factors, such as location, age, career level and industry. If someone prefers a corporation at the beginning, they might feel better in 10 years in a more intimate environment offered by a small company. What I have observed is that the transition or change between these two environments can sometimes be difficult and there are many problems with accommodation at the beginning.

People mentioned to me the following advantages and disappointments:

1. Large companies:

  • The interview for a large company is oriented towards ticking all the boxes for the technologies required

  • An employee is only a number

  • Colleagues are not interested in what happens in other departments

  • More interaction with the team and not outside the team

  • Managers work sometimes from different locations

  • Weekly meetings to keep up-to-date on company news and projects

  • Complex decision paths

  • Gain experiences only in specific areas

  • Fewer ways to make a change

  • Flexible working schedule

  • Home-office possibility

  • Higher salary

  • Competitive benefits/pension scheme

  • Better career progression

2. Small companies:

  • The interview for a small company is culture-oriented and often longer and more difficult

  • The employee is an individual

  • Colleagues are interested in the entire company's assets

  • More interaction outside the team

  • Managers work right next to you

  • The company news and projects are discussed in a non-formal way, mostly by word of mouth

  • Fast decision making

  • Gain experience in more areas

  • More opportunities for change

  • Less flexibility

  • No home-office possibility

  • Lower salary

  • Lack of benefits

  • Less career progression

As for me, I have worked for small and large companies and at that moment they seemed to be the perfect choice for me. But that's just history because I’m not an employee anymore.

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