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Do You Post Content on Social Media?

Being active on social media can help job seekers to be more visible to recruiters and hiring managers. Potential employers might be interested to have you part of their teams. It is a modern tool that will test your patience, but over time you will collect the fruits.

Do you post on social media or are you still afraid of how people might react to your thoughts and beliefs? Think about it, it's not always the most brilliant or ethical guys who become famous in social media. The audience is looking for information that offers value, entertainment or education.

Here is my opinion on how you can start publishing content on online platforms:

  • Choose the way you want to send your message: in writing, by picture or video.

  • Choose the platforms that suit your ideas and plans.

  • Try different types of content.

  • Consistency is the key.

  • Choose a topic you are passionate about.

  • Write about your area of expertise and offer helpful tips.

  • Write your story and what you have learned.

  • Share something about the events you’ve attended.

  • Share attention-grabbing statistics.

  • Share something seasonal, popular or funny.

  • Share your favourite book or one on your reading list.

  • Share an inspirational quote.

  • Share someone else’s’ post.

  • Correct some common misconceptions about your industry.

  • You can always re-post or re-share your content at any time.

  • Ask questions to your audience.

  • Always engage with your audience.

  • Cross-promote your social networks.

  • Ask people to join you as followers or connections.

  • Wait patiently until the magic happens.

There is no perfect recipe for posting on social media and I hope these few tips will help you.

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