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Do You Explore All these 25 Hiring Channels?

If you are a job seeker or just looking for the next step in your career, some recruitment channels are effective and you may not consider them. Your first choice may be the best-known online platform or job board. Companies do not always use these channels because many unsuitable candidates need to be selected from the appropriate ones. These channels benefit from efficient marketing campaigns and that doesn't necessarily mean they work for you.

I have recently received many questions about online applications and the reasons why this approach does not work. I'm not saying it's a bad idea to apply online - I was once hired that way - but it's more complicated to gain attention. Think of the fact that maybe 100 people apply for a particular job every day. You are at the mercy of ATS or a screening recruiter. Instead of being one of the hundreds/thousands of applicants, try to stand out from the crowd or at least find channels where there aren't so many applicants.

Below you will find a list of possibilities to submit your application:

1. International job portals

2. National job boards

3. Local job boards

4. Niche/Industry-specific job boards

5. Job alerts/notifications

6. Company career pages

7. External corporate contests and business games

8. Employer reviews

9. Job fairs with multiple companies

10. Career fairs with an open house (company-specific)

11. Online career fairs

12. Head-hunters

13. Staffing agencies

14. Personal branding campaigns

15. Social media networks

16. Online groups

17. Offline networking at conferences and events

18. Internship program

19. Institutional cooperation

20. Referral from former colleagues

21. Word of mouth (e.g. friends, family etc.)

22. Recommendations from your online network

23. Recommendations from your offline network

24. Print media (newspapers, specialist magazines) advertising

25. Radio/TV advertising

You need to make sure that the people around you know that you are open to new job opportunities. Promote your status online and offline. You will never know when an opportunity will arise.

Good luck to all job seekers out there!

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