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Breakthrough in the Labor Market with Lack of Experience

We've all been there before: graduates looking for a job. Everyone expects you to find a job because you are young, enthusiastic, active and last but not least, you will demand a small salary because you lack experience. Realty is that many of your applications will go unnoticed, employers you dream of are looking for more experienced employees and so the nightmare begins. What you should know is that older unemployed people paradoxically also have difficult times to be hired because potential employers will prefer sometimes younger workers.

There are a few tricks that can help you break into the job market when you're looking for your first job:

  • Desperation is the worst enemy in these cases, the job search process takes time and is often discouraging.

  • You could start by doing internships for companies in the industry hat you want to build your career. People always enjoy it when you give them value for free, which will bring you new opportunities, achievements and experiences and every step will lead to other pit stops in your career path.

  • It is important not to choose any company because it is likely that they offer you a job and you will be stuck in the wrong industry. Targeting the largest companies from the start may not sound like a perfect plan.

  • It is a strategic step to get in touch with people in your industry who could advance your career. Not everyone is willing to support or hire you, but someday someone will. Try to reach out to people who have a strong presence in business and understand the mechanisms of the modern job market. This should be a long-term plan for any job seeker, regardless of the time of their career.

  • Improve every day your search and people will notice the results and remember your performance. This creates new and great job opportunities.

What every job seeker feel is frustration and the loss of hope from day to day. It is not easy to deal with rejections and remain positive. After many years of work, you will understand that rejections are part of every business and they are not meant personally. Not every recruiter or hiring manager will contact you after an application. You may have to apply for 10, 100…200 jobs, but be sure that among them there is a door open and a hiring offer waiting for you.

We all remember our breakthrough in the labor market: The missing guidance, the lack of overview, the fear of not meeting expectations. But there are also beautiful memories of the dreams that were forged at the beginning of the career, the desire to be the best, the first salary… And as experienced employees or businessmen, we realize that a small career step in youth is the basis for our whole professional experience path.

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