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6 Ways to Learn About a Company's Culture

When looking for a job, people usually consider one or all of these aspects: The salary, the company culture and the boss. The culture is like a "personality" of the company. This includes components such as business strategy, employee satisfaction, retention, leadership style, recognition, growth opportunities and benefits.

Before deciding on a job offer, I recommend that you research the company culture to see if it matches your beliefs and values. Here are the sources to check:

  • Review sites

There are online platforms where (former) employees can share their thoughts about employers. If there are many negative reviews, it is better to be careful with this potential employer. You can find reviews and salaries, companies are rated and you can get an insight into their specific interview questions.

  • Company pages on social media

Some organizations include a lot of information about their business and teams on social media. It is a great way to attract job seekers and applicants. Not all companies invest in social media activities, but if this is the case, it is a good way to check them out. You can get an overall idea of how they respond to comments or questions.

  • Customer/ Stockholder evaluations

Customers give a good insight into the products or services the company offers. A single, isolated complaint should not necessarily change your mind. It is better to check more sources. Testimonials give you an insight into the business and dealings with customers, vendors or partners.

  • Networking

Your network can share valuable information they know or have heard about a particular company. Word of mouth is a good source of information as long as you don't rely on rumors. Be vigilant and filter all information received by considering also the other sources on this list.

  • News sources

If the company is medium-sized or large, it may appear in local or national news. Look for staff reductions, financial/investment problems, new leaders or changes that have a direct impact on corporate culture.

  • The company's website

Companies that value their culture invest in presenting the advantages of teamwork on their website. They share the organizational mission and philanthropic support. The career pages sometimes provide an overview of the benefits and perks they offer.

Based on the information you have gathered from all these sources, you can ask further questions during an interview. Remember that there is no ideal company culture, only a culture that suits you.

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