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5 Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms/Dads Searching for a Job

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Mothers and fathers will have to go back to work sometime after the childcare phase is over. Of course, they will return to their late job, but what if the company no longer exists or if the entire team and management have changed in the meantime? Or maybe the old job doesn't match the new status and mentality.

It’s not easy focusing on a job search again. Many feel outdated and try to keep up with the hiring trends, and fortunately, the internet offers plenty of these. However, there is a fear of being noncompetitive, of being asked tricky questions at interviews regarding the CV gap.

I have 5 tips for stay-at-home moms or dads returning to the job search game:

1. Review your application.

First of all, the resume needs a refresh and there is a lot of information and tutorials online. It’s OK to include the career gap in your CV as long as you mention the motive. The cover letter should also be reviewed to attract the attention of recruiters or hiring managers, and you can find many tips online. If it's appropriate for your industry, you can create a personal website where you can embed your portfolio.

2. Start networking (again).

Social media and professional platforms offer a great opportunity for everyone, not just for people re-entering the labor market. It is important to have an online account and let the recruiters and the people around you know that your search for a job. You never know when a recommendation might help you. Meeting new people in your field of expertise will show relevance in time.

3. Get in contact with staffing agencies.

Recruitment and staffing agencies will be able to offer you jobs that match your professional profile. They can also inform you about the market changes of the past years and the trends of the near future. Recruitment specialists can recommend and offer valuable information about the other 4 steps I mentioned in this article and have you prepared for interviews again.

4. Attend courses or conferences in order to re-engage with your career.

This step is not necessary for all industry, but it might be useful to regain confidence in a job search. Attendees can be updated upon the latest industry changes and directions. People may also consider new certifications.

5. Stay positive.

Searching for a job is a long journey that is associated with rejections, frustrations and disappointments. Don’t take it personally, because it is just business. Instead of having negative thoughts, spend a lot of time with your child/children and remember that they are the reason you are fighting for a new job now.

I wish good luck to all the applicants out there!

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