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5 Steps to Improve the IT Talent Search

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The search for highly qualified IT personnel is a real challenge today. The global IT labor market is expected to grow faster than ever before. Countries are taking financial and political measures to retain the IT graduates interested in the national offerings, and technology is enabling the creation of many jobs in the industry.

Unfortunately, this high demand for tech personnel cannot be covered every time. Therefore, I recommend 5 steps that could improve your search for IT talents:

1. Benefit from the power of social media.

It is no longer a secret that a strong presence in social media is one of the most powerful recruitment and marketing tools. Get to know the specifics of each online platform, choose the one where your audience is present, and start building your professional brand.

2. Use ingenious job advertisements.

Now and then you can decide to place job advertisements on the online platform, but also offline. You should consider specialized or regional platforms which address tech job seekers. Learn what prospect candidates like to read in ads and make sure to include that as well.

3. Collaborate with a headhunting agency.

For special roles, where it is difficult to recruit highly qualified specialists, I recommend a collaboration with an executive IT recruiter, like I am. We specialize in finding top IT talents and focus on the mobility of the future.

4. Participate in events and sponsorship activities of the industry.

You will get o glimpse of the IT world and have the opportunity to meat professionals. Through sponsoring you can leverage your business and brand.

5. Always choose a mix of search strategies.

You probably have a recruiting style that you enjoy and feel confident about, but it is effective to sometimes get out of the comfort zone. Try to combine styles and recruitment strategies, and all you get is more success.

I hope my advice will help colleagues improve their search for IT talent. I also follow them and improve my work every day.

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