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5 Myths That Will Harm Your Job Search

Job seekers sometimes find it difficult to navigate through the information available on the job search. Everyone has an opinion about how to conduct an efficient job search, don't they?

Let's take a closer look at 5 myths that are still present in the labor market:

1. Anyone can help you get a job.

First of all, the job search is not a fairy tale. Even if the people around you have good intentions, that doesn't make them qualified consultants. Remember that no two careers are alike.

This means that you should look for a unique combination of job search strategies. You may be surprised to realize that techniques that have worked for your friend/colleague/neighbor are useless in your context.

2. Always wear a suit for the interview.

This is another myth. The reality is that you must dress according to your industry and company culture. Do some research before the interview and find out what kind of dress code is promoted by the potential employer.

3. If you have a “perfect” resume, that’s enough.

Let's assume you have a sophisticated resume that complies with the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or has been created by an expert and you start to apply online. Guess what? You still won't get any answers because this channel is the most overused by job seekers.

Remember that an advertised job can receive up to 1000 resumes. It's best to personalize the document every time you send it to a recruiter, a hiring manager or even when you apply online.

4. If you have an optimized LinkedIn profile, it’s sufficient.

It is not enough, it is just the beginning. You engage on LinkedIn from your profile, but it's your networking that makes you more visible and brings you closer to a job offer. It’s the way to be one step before your competition.

Publishing content is an efficient way to stand out from the crowd and eventually get picked up by a potential employer.

5. Other social media activities outside LinkedIn should not interest the potential employer.

Think carefully before posting online and sharing ideas that could damage your reputation. Recruiters use social media to research your background that is not on your resume. They do this to avoid taking unnecessary risks by hiring you.

I hope that these 5 myths do not stand in the way of you getting your dream job. It is OK to dream, but it is not OK to believe in myths.

Good luck to all job seekers out there!

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