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5 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Skype Interview

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Skype interviews are becoming increasingly popular today. I've seen individuals make childish mistakes during these sessions, like a table with food and alcohol bottles in the background or a cat jumping in front of the screen. That is what determined me to write this article so that you can get the attention your career and skills need, and not be blamed for some technical or organizational problems associated with a digital interview.

Remote interviews are more difficult to prepare than face-to-face interviews and therefore I present 5 simple ways to succeed during the digital interview:

1. Pay attention to the dress code of the potential employer.

Not all industries need a suite, so it's better to browse the company's website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to find the dress code they've adopted. Then simply imitate that style. Assuming that your bottom half is hidden under your desk, consider that you might be asked to stand up to bring a folder, so my advice is to dress from head to toe. Dress to impress, not to distract so that you make a good first impression.

2. Choose a neutral background.

All you have behind you is the image that the interviewers will see on their screens. Try not to put personal items in the background to distract the audience. In these cases, a neutral background is the best choice. Although it is tempting to look at the screen during the conversation, remember that only looking at the video camera appears like normal eye contact.

3. Close other application and programs on your computer.

If you receive emails or Facebook notifications during the interview, they are likely to distract your attention, and that is a sign of being unprofessional. My advice is to have only Skype and your resume open, with some notes if you think it's necessary.

4. Avoid interruptions.

Be careful not to be disturbed by family members, pets or other noises and presences during the interview as this will reduce your chances of getting the job. Also remember that technical problems may occur, such as loss of Internet connection or microphone problems. If the problem persists, I advise you to reconnect.

5. Engage with the interviewer.

The first few seconds of the Skype interview will determine the "digital" chemistry. My advice is to nod at the beginning professionally and confidently and not to forget the other aspects of body language that express that you are interested and concerned. Make sure from time to time that the interviewer is engaged with what you are saying. This will make the discussion more relaxed and you can improve your speech on the road. If you research the company and prepare notes for the interview, it shows that you are interested in the role.

I hope my 5 tips will help you nail down your next Skype interview. Good luck to all job seekers out there!

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